Social Enterprise or Charity

This award is for organisations created with a wider purpose beyond making a profit including social enterprises, charities and not-for-profits.

The entrant must demonstrate an innovative and sustainable way of operating that has produced positive impacts and is underpinned by leadership from the finance team. Positive impacts may be a mixture of environmental, social and economic.

The entrant must demonstrate that sustainability has been embedded throughout the organisation and has become an integral part of the operational model.

The entry should outline the benefits the initiative has delivered, how the approach has influenced strategy and decision-making, and what behaviours are driving the new way of operating.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate:
  • The organisation has developed an innovative way of operating that manages environmental, social and economic impacts to help make their organisation more resilient and financially sustainable.
  • The innovation or change has been led or actively supported by the finance team within the organisation.
  • Evidence that capital/financing has been managed and utilised to create positive impacts.
  • Originality of thought.
  • Evidence of effective engagement and communication with staff and external stakeholders around the initiative.
  • That it is an organisation with a wider purpose beyond making a profit